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Aj Mal

Aj Mal

Sticking around for the summer?

Manchester has it all… Even a beach!

An Evening of Beer and Tapas

Escape the cold, wet winter evenings and enter a world of tastebud tingling spanish Tapas and intense Artisan beer

International Alcohol Etiquette: Breaking down the barriers of communication

A brief guide on the essential phrases you will need when travelling to order some booze and drinking with anyone, anywhere

Diary of a Tinder Addict

Looking for love in all the wrong places…

Essena O’Neil: Sensation or sob story?

Aj Mal puts forward his opinion on Essena O’Neill’s headline-grabbing exit from social media, including a defect from her 600,000-follower Instagram account

Walk of Shame tips….

Make the Saturday/Sunday morning stride of pride a little less embarrassing

Alternative Spain

Aj Mal lets us in on the lesser known secrets of Spain, such as a world class beach and a thriving Madrid nightlife,

Get Lost

Trying to escape? An adventure abroad could be cheaper than you think

Relationship status: It’s complicated

Dating, one night stands, hook ups, booty calls, randoms and flings. Finding love is more complicated than ever


#OMG, wot is happening 2 da English language?

The Sound of Music

Blasting those sick beats maybe isn’t as important as knowing when the next Magic Bus will hit you, warns Aj Mal

Move it

Kickstart your year with these healthy habits for the gymphobe

Kick the Habit with Stoptober

Make a change for the better this October with the help of The Mancunion!

Got flu?

Now you’ve got it, here’s how to get rid of it