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13th October 2015

Move it

Kickstart your year with these healthy habits for the gymphobe

With the mania of gym and fitness sweeping the nation, it is no surprise that many of you will be signing up for those sweaty hours on the treadmill this autumn. However there are alternatives for those of us who dread the thought of another aerobics class, the claustrophobic environment of a gym, or who just simply can’t be bothered.

The university’s huge range of sports societies offer something for everyone and are a great way to get in shape and socialise at the same time. Alternatively, outdoor activities can be a fun and free way to get fit fast. Running is more popular than ever, and for those of us who don’t want to run alone there are fantastic running clubs which cater for all levels of fitness and provide a safe and social way to hit the streets. Run Wild, the university’s very own running society, caters for all abilities: whether you’ve never done more than a fast stroll or you’re an experienced runner looking for a way to integrate your passion into your social life!

For those of you who move at a slower pace, walking and hiking can be great ways to get moving and enjoy the fantastic countryside around Manchester.  Some of the best walking routes in the country are within easy reach, with Saddleworth, the Lake District, Peak District, Wales and Cheshire nearby, all full of breathtaking scenery–—and great country pubs to enjoy after! A well-deserved pint and roast at award-winning pubs such as The White Hart in Lydgate, and The Cross Keys in Uppermill, can make a long country walk worthwhile.

If all that still seems like too much effort, incorporating a bit of exercise into your daily routine isn’t too much of a challenge. Simple changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking instead of taking the bus can burn a few extra calories. This advice will be especially beneficial for those students who are often tempted to take the bus from University Place to the Students’ Union!

Believe it or not, a little romance can go a long way in kick starting your health: even the sight of someone we are attracted to can get the heart beating faster. What’s more, kissing can more than double your metabolic rate! Whilst most of us don’t need any more encouragement, the increased calorie burn is yet another reason to get intimate. Sex is said to burn up to 300 calories per hour, and any activity between the sheets is going to get the heart rate up; after all, you’re going to need to burn off those chocolate-dipped strawberries somehow!

However, the best of the fat-busting late night activities has to be dancing. There are styles, beats and venues to suit everyone. Concerts at the Academy, ballroom dancing with the University’s own Dance Society, and Manchester’s amazingly diverse club scene leave you with no excuse not to dance the night away!

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