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The yummy mummy health spot redesigning brunch

The yummy mummy health spot redesigning brunch

The Mancunion reviews the self-proclaimed lifestyle destination The Green Lab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter offering pilates and a healthy brunch to nourish your life.
The advantages of seasonal eating

The advantages of seasonal eating

Catrin Stewart writes that eating seasonal produce can only do you good

Lemon and Halloumi Courgetti

A brilliant mid-week meal which proves that low-carb and vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring


Curious about the vegan lifestyle that’s taking the world by storm? Come along to Vegan Week at the SU to find out more

Hello healthy, hello cheap, HelloFresh

Getting bored of eating pasta night after night? Deputy Lifestyle Editor, Araddhna Patel, explains that now you don’t have to; spice up your mealtimes with a HelloFresh food box subscription

Budget banquets: spending less, eating better

Stanley Johnson runs through some ways to eat good nosh for less dosh

Ways to Eat – the Freshers’ guide to nutrition

Struggling with eating healthy and getting enough nutrition in your diet? Lacey Munroe discusses the pros and cons of various diets in her new eBook, Ways to Eat

Breaking Out of the Bad Habit Cycle

Because getting back on that healthy living wagon is not always as simple as it seems

24 per cent of students sacrifice learning materials to eat

Nearly a quarter of all students spend less than half of the recommended budget on food, and many sacrifice spending on university materials in order to eat

Orthorexia: The healthy eating disorder

Without an end destination, being ‘fit’ can seem unattainable, and many are unaware of when to stop

Got flu?

Now you’ve got it, here’s how to get rid of it

Butternut squash, chicken and feta salad

A healthy salad that is also filling and satisfying is a fine thing indeed

Carb-free-cauliflower-based Pizza

A recipe for the health conscious, the pizza lover, and the creative cook. Joanne Procter delivers a flavour packed carb-free alternative to the Napoli Style stone baked pizza.

The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life

Faye Waterhouse sets out to see if the North-east’s equivalent of the Two Fat Ladies still cut the mustard with their new slimline recipes.

New Year, New You?

Here are my top ten beauty resolutions for you to incorporate into your daily routine – chocolate is still allowed.

Beauty in the Bigger Sense: Winter Warmers

As promised, Jessica Cusack attempts to revive your frostbitten body and belly…

Healthy eating on a budget

Beth Currall leads you through her guide to healthy eating

Ask Keir: How to stay healthy at University

Keir Stone-Brown gives you some tips about how to stay healthy during your first weeks at University