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8th November 2012

Beauty in the Bigger Sense: Winter Warmers

As promised, Jessica Cusack attempts to revive your frostbitten body and belly…

Here is a little slice of something good for you, dedicated to making you look and feel better from the inside out, rather than covering up with tricks of the beauty trade. Although those are also very essential right now because the permanent circles under my eyes are just not cool.

It’s November, the temperature is getting lower and the days are getting shorter. It’s deadline time and by now you know the library cleaners better than you know your own housemates. My guess is that we’re not feeling as sparkly as we would want – those winter blues are setting in pretty fast and we need some remedies…

Exercise is essential at any time of the year but in winter especially. You’re pretty much stationary, being stuck inside all day on account of the Arctic weather, and seek comfort in fast, cheap food which is not doing anything for the approaching party season body. Might I recommend heading down to the Manchester Aquatics Centre (or any other exercise establishment, but this one is conveniently located 5 minutes from the library…just sayin’) where you can participate in a wide range of exercise classes, join the gym, or go swimming, all of which will have you feeling fighting fit pronto. Those little things called endorphins (remember them?) make you feel great, giving your mental and physical health a big old boost in this dreary month. Join me and participate in how not to look attractive: getting red, hot, and sweaty.

Food is another issue this time of year, when after a long cold day all you want to do is whack something stodgy and comforting in the microwave and be done with it. Step away from the radiation machine I say! Taking an extra half an hour to make a proper nutritious meal will stand you and your digestive tract in good stead, plus you need all the nutrients available in order to get your immune system through the winter months. The site has loads of great recipes which make you feel healthier by just looking at them. However, no amount of healthy food and exercise will prevent the inevitable sniffles rippling through the library. If this is you, take tissues and for God’s sake BLOW YOUR NOSE.

Speaking of the library, try to plan ahead and take healthy snacks with you, instead of buying Coca-Cola and chocolate when the afternoon slump begins. Having a latte and a banana, some nuts and raisins, or something filled with protein like energy balls, will fill you up and enable you to work more efficiently for longer. And whatever you do, do NOT miss breakfast. It’s a sure-fire way to feeling awful and once again reaching for a sugary substitute. You need to kick start your precious metabolism in the morning, and if you feed it badly, it will work badly, making you more prone to weight-gain and spots. Frightening, I know.

Lecturing over, it’s time to put a little more time and effort into your health this wintertime. So get some rest, wrap up warm, and thank me come the Christmas season and summertime, which does, contrary to current belief, actually exist.

Jessica Cusack

Jessica Cusack

3rd Year English Literature student who enjoys taking a break from academic writing to explore the more aesthetic things in life… Looking forward to this year on-board The Mancunion as Beauty Editor.

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