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fresher’s flu Articles

The science behind freshers’ flu

The science behind freshers’ flu

What is freshers’ flu and how does it spread?

Finally free from freshers’ flu?

Also known as the common cold. Why hasn’t science found a cure yet?

Combatting Freshers’ Flu

Feeling a bit under the weather? Read on for some useful tips on how to take care of yourself this semester

Top 5: cosy films to watch in bed

If you’re ill with Freshers’ Flu, these are the films to watch while snuggled up in bed

Got flu?

Now you’ve got it, here’s how to get rid of it

Freshers’ Flu: How to avoid the inevitable

It’s big, it’s back, and it’s here to get you. Here’s what you need to know about avoiding the September sniffles. Will you survive?