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29th September 2015

What to wear: autumn

In need of an autumn-friendly wardrobe? Here are Kassi Allcock’s top fashion picks for this time of the year

The two months following the summer are always the most awkward, fashion-wise. It is known as that in-between weather, where it’s too chilly to leave the house in short sleeves, but too humid to layer on the thick coat and scarf. What are we supposed to wear? After searching through my favourite online stores (and adding far too many items to my ‘save for later’ list), I have compiled two perfect Autumn outfits: One for the chicas, and one for the fashion-conscious chicos.

Photos: Zara, ASOS, Office, ASOS, Joules

For the female outfit, I have put a strong focus on the accessories. The colours that accompany autumn are definitely my favourite part. Rustic oranges, faded greens, and deep reds—the ultimate colour trio to keep you warm from the dropping temperature. With that in mind, I have chosen a fairly basic t-shirt and jean combination, allowing the rest of the outfit to bring it to life. First off is a stripy t-shirt from Zara (who doesn’t love a striped tee?).

For me, the star embellishment really makes it stand out, providing it with that extra tier of detail. The tee has been matched with a mid-wash pair of skinny jeans from ASOS, to keep the look nice and simple. The first burst of colour that I have thrown into the mix is the gorgeous bright yellow raincoat from Joules. Layered on top of such a humble outfit, the coat would definitely be an eye-catcher.

Adding another pop of colour, I have included a thin oxblood scarf from ASOS, which would be an optional feature depending on weather. If worn, it would give your outfit that additional autumnal vibe, really screaming, “I am ready for my Pumpkin Spiced Latté now!” To finish the outfit off, I decided on a classic pair of white hi-top Converse, allowing you to show off any summer tan still remaining. Just try to avoid the thousands of puddles on campus…

Photos: ASOS, River Island, ASOS, ASOS, Daniel Wellington

Moving onto the male outfit, I have chosen to go coatless, opting for a jumper instead. You know—sweater weather is better weather, and all that. Like the female outfit, I have tried to keep it as simple and suave as possible, interweaving beautiful autumnal colours throughout.

To begin with, a plain white tee from ASOS. We can’t really get any simpler than that, can we? Combined with a pair of black skinnies, you will look like the epitome of ease. Sprinkling a dash of autumn ambience, I have chosen a crew neck jumper in a sophisticated olive green to layer on top. As a colour contrast, these oxblood Converse would look super stylish as well.

Lastly, the Daniel Wellington watch would compliment the entire outfit, especially with a red-tinge to the strap. If you’re looking for autumn flair, this outfit would tick all the boxes.

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