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2nd December 2015

Winter Scents

After a new signature scent? Fleur Stevens gives us a rundown of her fave smells of the season

I have a question for you. What makes you feel sexy? Is it putting on a nice pair of heels? A tight LBD? A dash of your favourite lipstick? Well, for me it’s all about the perfume. If I’m wearing a scent that covers me in a cloud of sensuality then I feel sexier than ever. I’m sure most of you have already found your signature scent, but here are a few of the hottest scents available to stimulate your senses this winter.

Gucci Premèire Eau de Toilette.

This fragrance reeks of elegance and sophistication. Looking for the perfect date scent? This is most definitely it. With top notes of white flowers, orange blossom, freesia and jasmine, it’s sure to bring some heat to your cold, frosty night.

GUCCI Première Eau de Parfum
75ml – £66.66
Photo: Debenhams

Stella by Stella McCartney

I know this particular scent has been around for sometime now; however, I just couldn’t keep it off the winter must-have list. With its amber and rose top notes, this perfume is just perfect to the feminine woman who enjoys playing sport as much as she does putting on make up.

Stella by Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum
30ml – £35.95 
Photo: Fragrance Direct

Library of Fragrance Gingerbread Eau de Toilette

Who else likes the smell of freshly baked gingerbread? Well, if you do, this perfume is the perfect one for you. If you permanently want to smell like a gingerbread house, then get to Boots and buy yourself some of this perfume. It’s cheap, as well as delicious.

Library of Fragrance Gingerbread Eau de Toilette
30ml – £15
Photo: Boots

The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This perfume is one that never goes out of style, or out of mind. This alluring scent is one that no one forgets, and this is no surprise with top notes of vanilla, mandarin and citrus. With its fruity extracts, you’ll feel as if you’re diving into a Christmas pudding.

Dolce and Gabbanna The One Eau de Parfum
50ml – £52.49
Photo: Debenhams

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