7th December 2015

‘Twas the knit before Christmas

If you want to have yourself a merry little Christmas, make sure that you’re decked out in the most fashionable of festive attire! Take a look at some of the best jumpers on offer this year
‘Twas the knit before Christmas

The Festive Animal

Photo: ASOS £18
Photo: ASOS, £18

Without a doubt, the reindeer is the most graceful, most aesthetically pleasing festive animal. Although penguins and polar bears can make a cute addition to December’s knitwear, they are not exactly the epitome of elegant. Unless you’re on the hunt for a Christmas jumper that is so outrageously bad that it’s actually jaw-dropingly good, I would opt for Dasher, Prancer, and Blitzen.


The Festive Decoration

Photo: Warehouse
Photo: Warehouse, £46

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a stylish festive jumper that celebrates the love we all share for Christmas decorations. Unless you want to walk around Manchester City Centre lit up like a Christmas tree or, even worse, have carols playing from your bosom, the search continues. This classy getup from Warehouse, however, ticks all the boxes. Fashionable, check. Colourful without being eccentric, check. Holiday loving, check. The zenith of Christmas jumpers.


The Festive Fair Isle

Photo: Next £22
Photo: Next £22

A classic in anybody’s Christmas jumper wardrobe. Whether a navy background with white and red stitching, or a white background with navy and red detailing, a fair isle knit is a must-have during the holiday season. Usually featuring our fave festive animal again (the reindeer, who else?), or alternatively decorated in a cosy Christmas setting, there is plenty of choice along the highstreet.


The Festive Snowflake

Photo: Superdry £64.99
Photo: Superdry £64.99

Although damp and bitterly cold winter weather may accompany the holiday season, there is no reason to dismay. A white Christmas brings along beautiful jumper designs, celebrating each intricate snowflake as they fall one by one. This festive piece from Superdry hits with full force; embellished with dazzling sequins and thick enough to shelter you from the terrible weather.


The Festive Wreath

Photo: John Lewis £49.95
Photo: John Lewis £49.95

Hey, look who it is! Our trusty old friend, Rudolph. This masterpiece from Joules just screams festive fun, whilst remaining fairly elegant. With a mixture of all the key Christmas colours, and knitted using an intarsia technique, you can’t really go wrong. If you can’t afford to decorate your front door with a real wreath this December, decorate your wardrobe instead.


The Festive Slogan

Photo: Marks & Spencer £29.50
Photo: Marks & Spencer £29.50

What would a Christmas jumper list be without at least one slogan? Avoiding the obvious clichés, and some of the more embarrassing ‘trendy’ phrases such as ‘Santa is my bae’ and ‘#elfie’, I’ve chosen an old classic. Although I don’t agree with the message—snow is my least favourite weather, ever—there is no denying that a jingle starts to play as soon as the jumper catches your eye. Especially with the addition of glitter detailing, this M&S beauty would create the perfect Christmas Day ensemble.

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