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8th March 2016

An ode to my winter wardrobe

With spring on the horizon, Head Fashion Editor Kassi Allcock waves a bittersweet farewell to her beloved winter wardrobe

Winter has never been my favourite time of the year; the temperatures are sub-zero, the gale force winds are ferocious, and the rain never stops falling from the dimly lit sky. Despite this, my winter wardrobe has always been my most treasured, full to the brim with oversized jumpers and blanket-sized scarves. You know what they say—sweater weather is better weather, and I live by this mantra for the first three months of the year.

Now that winter is finally drawing to a close, with March 20th being the official first day of spring, I am left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, summer is but a mere leap, skip, and bound away, meaning beautiful flowery dresses and sunglasses galore. On the other hand, however, I’m not ready to be torn away from my beloved winter wardrobe just yet. I’m not willing to be dressed in spring pastels; I would much rather remain in my constant state of black, with the occasional pop of colour in the shape of my favourite red plaid scarf. As the inevitable will shortly ensue, I will wave off my esteemed attire with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, longing for our next hello.

To the fluffy socks that have hugged my feet all winter long and to the black Chelsea boots that have hidden away my fashion faux pas: Thank you for supporting me through all of the atrocious weather that the last three months have thrown at us. To the crimson scarf that has been constantly wrapped around my neck: thank you for being my safety blanket and for shielding me from Manchester’s wind. To the earmuffs that have been permanently attached to my head: Thank you for preventing my ears from sporting a (not so) dashing shade of rosy red. To all of the jumpers that have been hidden beneath layer upon layer: Thank you for keeping me warm and snuggly when forced to remove my coat.

Thank you to the gloves, thank you to the coats, and thank you to the array of beautiful winter colours that have encompassed my wardrobe. As I bid you all farewell, you will be sorely missed. But fret not—we will be reunited soon. Spring may be within sight but, with the constant arctic weather that accompanies living in England, I will always have an excuse to dive back into my cherished winter fashion.

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