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4th October 2016

The Dating Dilemma

For those facing the first-date wardrobe dilemma, we are weighing in on our favourite outfit statements for the WOW factor

We’re gradually settling in to a new academic year, with deadlines starting to loom and our reading list building to record amounts. Aside from blowing off steam in Manchester’s internationally loved clubs and pubs, what better way to distract ourselves from scholarly demands than the prospect of a new dating scene? Apparently, Tinder is dead and rather than hide behind apps and participating in some harmless keyboard flirtations, we are reverting back to old school ways: meeting someone face to face. A terrifying prospect!

So you’ve snagged your dream man and your romantic table for two is booked with candlelit schmoozing in store. One last hurdle—the hardest of them all—now hits you. Friends have been consulted, wardrobes ransacked, and the Internet scoured. Still no luck? We’re weighing in our first date must-haves to see you through the night.


The Top Half

Sarah Kilcourse

Admittedly it may seem risky but a white pyjama blouse is a huge yes for a date – let me explain why. Bypass any fears of spilling dinner, wine or coffee down your front, you are a fabulous creature who would never be so clumsy. A pyjama blouse has the correct amount of seductive v-neck, hinting at décolletage but meaning your date is still able to maintain eye contact without being distracted by the goods down below. It works on everyone, no matter how gifted you are in the chest region. Also, the subtle hint to the bedroom doesn’t go amiss.

Photo: Topshop

If you prefer an option with a bit more on show lets delve into the nineties trend. The cami is everywhere this season, it has been for the past few seasons and undoubtably will continue to be a prevalent silhouette in the next season. Whether it be extended to a dress or just a top the cami is a cocktail of femininity, girliness and sex appeal. Toughen it up with a leather biker jacket or be tad preppy with a boyfriend blazer. For a real nod to the nineties throw in some velvet.

Photo: Asos


Below the Belt 

Sophie Soar

Trousers are without doubt my favourite element to any outfit. They’re not the usual item chosen to make a statement, which makes it all the more fun. The wackier they are, the better! Paired with the right shoe, trousers lengthen your legs and can hug in all the right places. Ensure to pick a flattering cut depending on your body shape; a low-rise jean is great so long as you have the slim figure for it. Personally, I opt for high-rise and belted, pulling them in at the waist for a figure hugging finish. Also, never underestimate the comforts of a baggy cut and its slimming capabilities when deceivingly oversized.

Photo: Asos

Skirts are an alternative to smarten up your dating attire. Again, I am a sucker for a high waisted look to give a flattering finish but a mini skirt can give that cheeky edge when paired with a large boot heel. However if you wish to keep to current trends, pleated metallic skirts are all the rage. Match this with a crisp white shirt, unbuttoned seductively to the cleavage for a sophisticated yet sexy look.

Photo: Topshop

Dancing Shoes

Talia Lee-Skudder

What better way to finish your outfit than with a pair of killer heels? Not only do they look fabulous but they are a confidence booster that will ensure your date’s eyes are fixed on you. For me, there is absolutely no question that I would throw on a pair of heels for the first date (providing you are not going bowling or somewhere equally tragic), they spice up a dull outfit and make your legs look amazing with your standard uniform of black skinny jeans. Fingers crossed you will be only making a trip from the taxi to the restaurant, rather than somewhere that requires more than three minutes of walking. In the (hopefully) unlikely event of this happening, grin and bear it ladies; fashion isn’t always easy.

Right now I love the lace up trend and I am currently coveting this pair from Public Desire. Far from being a boring pair of black heels, these suede lace up beauties are a winner with their ornate gold heel. What’s more you won’t be balancing on stilettos all night, the chunky heel ensures you have a bit more comfort and support.

Photo: Public Desire


Photo: Public Desire

With your heels you can go as fun or simple as you like. Pick a show-stopping pair and keep your outfit minimal or vice versa. Either way, heels are the ultimate way to nail your date night look and give you the poise to show your date what you’re made of.



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