18th October 2016

Back to basics: Untailoured, unprinted and unrestricted

Tarun Daryanani explores how basics are an ongoing trend on the catwalks, and the best essentials to stock in the fashion savvy wardrobe

Coveted brands such as Stella Mccartney and Yves Saint Laurent are driving down the route of utility chic—and we all are infatuated. Designers are divided in their approach of to how to dress fashion frenzy individuals. The crux of the world of high fashion is to be able to channel a unique personality through eccentric garments whilst relying on staple pieces that can be utilised from day to night. It is easy to lose yourself with the upcoming trends of next season, whether it be the Miu Miu sea shell wedges, to the ostrich-feather lined coats of Prada (which can be deemed as fashionably ugly).

Being fashion forward is a labyrinth whereby one craves mouth-watering pieces whilst owning items which are never archaic when a new season approaches. We witness the basic black blazer to the simple stiletto being reintroduced, without infestations of floral print or Sicilian lemons that appeared to be picked from a warm Italian fruit field. “Basic” garments are multifaceted; they span from sportswear luxe to simple block colouring.


Rihanna and Puma signed a fashion deal creating luxe sportswear which every woman would lust for. Bringing back a straightforward pair of tracksuit bottoms and teaming it with bondage inspired evening wear, displays the importance of sportswear and making it ubiquitous.


Whether it be worn with a slick sandal for a classy dinner to a pair of white sneakers for workwear, the jumpsuit is as versatile as it is stylish. Stella Mccartney paraded an array of oversized khaki jumpsuits—no fixed silhouette with just one block colour. It is not just about the figure but rather the fashion that one wants to flaunt. Some had waists clinched with oversized bottoms and others seemed like a scrunched crisp packet. Yes, the pieces may appear relaxed and sludgy seeming that the Stella customer is too casual, but effortless translates to exquisite.


Anthony Vacarello at Saint Laurent had the option to dive into incorporating leopard print with crystals to create provocative sandals which would be deemed a must-have by outlandish young women. Instead, he delivered a sleek black stiletto which could be worn with various forms of day and night looks. What makes us hungry for this upcoming pair? The YSL logo heel which adds a snapshot of someone who lusts for displaying a logo and oozing sex appeal.


Sure, it must be enjoyable wearing polka dots of multitudes of different colours. Being conspicuous out of a crowd is what one may hunger for. But sometimes it is the minimalism that fuels strangers throwing complements. Celine, normally known for paint striped blouses and sphere, orb shaped heels have now demonstrated block colouring. Simple, white, minimalistic dresses paired with distressed black trousers created the image of a woman ready for a yoga fuelled, detox getaway. Relaxed seems to be in and body-con confinement seems to be taking a backseat.


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