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15th November 2016

A merry student Christmas

Christmas on a student budget can certainly be tough, but here are a few ideas to get you going

It is that time of year again. The time when you that remember you promised yourself  things would be different. You swore you most definitely would not leave your Christmas shopping until two days before, and this time you are determined to make sure you do not give people Sainsbury’s Basics chocolate and a cheap scented candle.

Your only problem is that you have bought a few too many Jägerbombs this year and your loan seems to have dwindled into nothing. So, what is a poor student to do? Never fear, here are a few ways to make Christmas an occasion to be proud of:

The first thing is to start budgeting your money now and buy your presents nearer to the time, either that or buy all your presents while you still have some cash and get it out of the way early. This way you can be sure that you are  able to get nice presents whilst still being able to feed yourself, which is obviously very important.

Christmas does not necessarily have to be expensive, and if you happen to be on the arty side — meaning you can draw more than a stick figure — it is often really cheap to make presents for people, whether it is a painting or purse you have sewn.

Even if you are not particularly arty this is a good idea when considering gifts to give parents and grandparents who are certainly not allowed to criticise the work of their darling child or grandchild.

Charity shops can be absolute gold mines when it comes to finding Christmas presents, and if you cannot find a suitable gift in its original form, there are often things like photo frames that can be personalised really easily with some paint.

Sale season is starting soon and it is the perfect place to start if you want something like clothes, shoes, and accessories. This is a good idea if you really have left it to the last minute; things will start to get a lot cheaper as Christmas draws near.

Bulk buying is another great idea if you are buying presents for lots of friends, and companies like Amazon or The Book People are a useful place to start.

A little closer to home, there are shops in Manchester that also offer potential for Christmas present shopping. Oklahoma in the Northern Quarter is one, offering cute and quirky gifts that fit almost any budget, and are fantastic if you want something a little different.

The Christmas markets are another place to look if you want gifts appropriate to the season and it is a wonderful excuse to have a day out and drink lots of mulled wine which, as we all know, really is the true spirit of Christmas.

Fuse TV have made a run down of what to do in Manchester, even if you’re on a budget! Watch it here.

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