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Photo: University of Manchester Students' Union

Preview: Interfaith Evening – ‘We Stand Together’

On Wednesday 7th December, the Students’ Union, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, and Faith Network 4 Manchester, as part of a wider community week, will be hosting ‘We Stand Together’ — an event to promote community cohesion and celebrate the diversity of faiths in Manchester.

Among the organisers of the event are Rabbi Warren Elf and award-winning novelist Qaisra Shahraz, who The Mancunion interviewed in March.

There will be talks by students of different faiths, prompting discussions of shared values and beliefs and promoting messages of peace and unity. An abundance and variety of wonderful food will also be provided.

Manchester is the second most diverse city in the UK, and an interfaith event is an important way to showcase the cohesion of different faiths within the city. In a particularly politically and culturally divisive climate, interfaith events remind us that we have much more in common than that which divides us.

‘We Stand Together’ will take place in the Council Chambers in the Students’ Union from 6pm–8pm on 7th of December. Everyone is welcome.

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