2nd December 2016

Print Mania

Deputy Fashion and Beauty editor Talia Lee-Skudder reveals what prints you should be incorporating into your everyday look

Stepping away from the classic all black look can be daunting, it is classic, sophisticated and of course hides multitude of sins. Unfortunately it can become boring. Fashion is about having fun and experimenting with what you wear, so step away from your black skinnies and v-neck tee and incorporate some patterns and prints into your everyday look. From the classic Breton stripe to more eclectic geometric patterns, there are plenty of prints that you can rock to give your style a fun update.

The classic stripe

For those of you who are pattern shy and a full checked suit a la Tory Burch is too much to swallow, then start off with patterns that are more easily integrated into your everday look. Stripes are always in fashion, start with the timeless striped tee to test the water before experimenting further with this pattern.  Vertical stripes are hugely flattering, whether they are on a dress or a pair of trousers this pattern will create the illusion of being super slim by elongating your body. For high-end fashion inspiration, look to Balmain whose collection includes a number of mini dresses with thick vertical stripes in muted tones, a style favoured by the Jenner sisters. Olivier Rousteing, the creative genius behind the current Balmain aesthetic, fully embraces stripes as a pattern that can be fun but also sexy. His glass beads embroidered mini dress in multicolour is a testament to this, embracing the fun side of fashion.

Animal print

Animal print is a favourite on the high-street and with high-end designers alike. Like stripes, animal print is timeless but fun. Whether you opt for leopard, tiger or zebra, these prints can be easily incorporated into your everyday style. Choosing to wear animal print does not have to scream Scary Spice, it can be as subtle or as eccentric as you want. The cheetah print trousers and matching bra might not be a winner for you but take inspiration from Mel B’s fun look and wear a print jacket with your standard black skinnies. This season, both Zara and Topshop have embraced the cheetah print trend and have created lust worthy animal print inspired pieces. I am currently coveting Topshop’s pointed cheetah print boots which are sure to jazz up even the most boring outfit.


Pop art

Look to Moschino for the famous pop art print. From smoking lips to capsule print knitted dresses, Moschino is the ultimate designer for fun fashion pieces. Pop art pieces have had a firm place in fashion for years and it is a print that has been recycled time and time again. As a child in the early noughties, I remember my mum wearing Andy Warhol inspired pieces covered with the famous image of the bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps one of her more eccentric outfit choices, but nevertheless a great look that has done a full cycle and is now, once again, a hot fashion trend.  If smoking lips are not for you, then why not opt for the subtler nautical theme which was a hit on Tommy Hilfiger’s latest runway show.

Transform your style and incorporate these prints into your everyday outfit choices, experiment with fashion and update your classic look. Fashion is a fun way to express yourself, so take advantage of the fabulous prints on offer on the high street.

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