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3rd January 2017

New Year, slightly altered me

Let’s be realistic, we all have fashion and beauty habits, they’re hard earned and harder to shake. 2017 does not mean a lifestyle overhaul but there is definitely room for a few improvements

I have never been the sort to make grand statements about grand changes I plan to make, I’m a rather stubborn creature really, this year a few changes are necessary though. As I enter into my final months at university (something it pains me to acknowledge), I need to get used to changes in my life  there will be a fair few this year. So, to ease myself into making changes I decided to start with something fun — my fashion and beauty choices.

Aim number one for 2017 is to make my skin as healthy as possible. As a teenager I suffered from acne, it is far better than it once was but I have remained conscious of my skin ever since. Worst of all, I have had the nasty habit of picking at my spots since I was a teenager. Initially it was a misguided attempt to make my spots go away that turned into a daily habit that I’ve struggled to shake. However, this is the year I will manage to!

After a few bits of research and article reading I have planned my skin clearing tactics.

My diet is already filled with a healthy quantity of fruit and veg, but I will be drinking more water with the hopes of hydrating my skin and giving it a tad more lustre. All the models recommend water so why not give it a try? For the spots that do rear their heads, I shall not be picking them, instead I will be using Origins Super Spot Remover (£15, available at It calms down redness without being drying — a major problem I have with most spot treatments.

A nifty trick I picked up in The Sunday Times Style a few years ago that also helps to deal with spot induced redness is the aspirin facial. Crush some non-dilutable aspirin in a small bowl then add a small quantity of water until it forms a coarse paste. Then apply to any areas of acne on your face for 10-15 minutes before exfoliating off, your face will be left smoother and 24 hours later redness (for me at least) is visibly reduced.

Origins Super Spot Remover. Photo:

For January and February, so technically not all of 2017, I intend to spend no money on shoes, clothes or accessories. This is a bold claim. Within the coming months I shall receive my student loan and my paycheque for the extra shifts I worked in December, nonetheless, the money shall stay in the bank. The main justification for this is because I have received jumpers and boots at Christmas that will see me through the coldest months of the year. I have no need to buy any spring collection pieces while wearing thermals underneath my clothes.

Come the first of March my imaginary wardrobe will have quadrupled in size.

The start of a new year does justify a bit of spring cleaning, something I am quite willing to undertake. However, the aspects of my wardrobe that need removing are the scruffy no longer fit for wear items: pulled, bobbled jumpers, ripped jeans (not in a cool knee rip way), t-shirts that have gone to holes. For things that are of no use to the charity shop, thankfully ‘& other stories’ have a great recycling scheme. If you take unwanted clothes in a bag to any UK branch your clothes will be taken to be recycled and you will receive a 10 per cent off voucher. The perks of recycling!

Recycling program. Photo:

Finally, this will be the year I start taking proper care of my shoes. I am a devil for not looking after my new shoes, I buy a pair, love them to death and within 12 months they are ruined. No more. I will embrace keeping my shoes clean, polished and, in the case of nubuck leathers, brushed. Hopefully, with a bit of love and care I manage to make my shoes last a bit longer.

Hopefully, healthy skin and tidy shoes will make me feel a tad more prepared to join the adult world.

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