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15th March 2017

DIY: Memories Jar

Keeping track of all your important memories throughout the year, good and bad, can be a really good way to reflect and grow as a person

A memories jar is the best way for remembering those little moments that seem so important at the time, and that are great to look back on to remind you of the best times in your life. It’s an idea that aims to help you document your year, day by day, quickly and without much commitment. I’m sure I’m one of millions of people who have started a diary at some point and given it up 3 weeks in. Every year I make it my New Year’s resolution to write in a diary every day and every year I fail before February. Sometimes the time and effort is just too much when you’re busy wasting your life on Facebook.

Looking back on bad memories can sometimes make you sad or angry, but I think it’s important to think about and process everything that happened that year, good and bad. Everything that you experience shapes you as a person, so knowing what’s happened in the past year is useful for self-discovery and personal growth.

So, a memories jar allows you the luxury of summing up your day with a funny quote someone said, or a specific activity you did on a little note of paper, that’s then folded and placed in a jar. The idea is not to revisit them until the end of the year, when you’re then able to open the jar and consequently experience tons of happy memories from the year that’s just passed, and get you excited for the year to come.

Alternatively, you could use the mason jar as a way of storing an inspiring quote a day, that you can uncover for motivation throughout the next year. Perhaps you could fill it with motivational, encouraging notes for a best friend or family member for them to open every day for the following year, with things you love about them or even a subtle reminder for when your birthday’s coming up. It’s a gift that yields, and gives. We won’t mention which we prefer.

All you’ll need is a mason jar, a pad of paper or post-its, and a pen, and you’re good to go.

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