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11th August 2017

Push Doctor launches grant for medical students

Students studying at UK universities can now apply for cash grants from the digital healthcare brand
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A new grant for medical students has been launched by Push Doctor.

The grant is open to any medical student studying at a UK university, from their second year onwards. Successful applicants will win a £500 cash grant.

Push Doctor is Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider. They stated on Thursday that they want to “support the next generation of home-grown doctors get off to the best possible start.”

The launch comes after the 2016 General Medical Council (GMC) report claimed that the NHS is having nationwide trouble recruiting and retaining enough GPs. NHS records were released by the NHS Confederation in March of this year. It reported a 2.6% reduction in the number of full-time equivalent GPs employed by the NHS compared to March 2016.

At the same time, the GMC reports the number of medical students in the UK has declined by 3% since 2012.

Push Doctor founder and CEO Eren Ozagir stated that the company is introducing the grant “to invest in the future of healthcare and the next generation of British doctors.”

He continues: “Equally, we are passionate about providing quality healthcare and making unwell people better, helping the public to invest in themselves and take an active interest in their healthcare.”

Applications are open now. There will be three successful candidates for the cash grant. Results will be announced in January 2018.

The students can decide how they would like to spend the grant. Push Doctor recommends that the winners invest funds in medical supplies, travel, books, and any additional courses.

Push Doctor has been headquartered in Manchester since 2013. A funding campaign completed in July 2017 raised $26.1 million for the digital healthcare service. The grant is one of several new ventures for the expanding brand.

Students interested in applying for the grant can find more information here.

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