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25th October 2017

‘Garms for Grafting’ – an afternoon with Topman and Chris Hughes

Amy Nguyen asks about Chris’ favourite styles, worst fashion moments, dating advice, and more

The nation’s favourite Love Islander and Topman Brand Ambassador has released a shoppable capsule collection of TOPMAN AW17 essential pieces to reflect Chris’ own personal style. His ‘Garms for Grafting’ comprises of handpicked items ideal for “grafting in the club, bantering with the lads, or staying in with your son who may or may not be an inanimate toy doll.” The range features those infamous skinny jeans, a snug shearling aviator coat, caps and hats, and much more, – all at a very affordable high street price.

We caught up with Chris and quizzed him on some of our burning questions.


Tell us more about your Garms for Grafting Edit with Topman.  

This capsule edit is really about focusing on clothing you’re comfortable in. Whether it’s for occasions or being out and about on weekends, its pieces that are really wearable.

Obviously, it’s about taking things, like I’ve done with this collection, and making it your own to create your own personal style or using the Topman complimentary services to find what suits you.

What’s your favourite piece from the edit?

I would have to say currently my favourite pieces are the jackets, especially as we are going into Autumn. I’m a huge fan of bomber jackets, and the Topman Dark Green Puffer Jacket (RRP£65) is perfect to chuck on with jeans and is proper snuggly.

What’s your favourite kind of style on a guy? (You’re not allowed to say Kem)

I’m a big fan of long line tee’s, they are my go to item. Topman have even designed a long line T called the ‘Chris’ which is coming out later this Autumn which is pretty perfect. Pop those on with my signature skinnies and we’re good to go.

What’s your favourite kind of style on a girl?

There is absolutely nothing better than class on a girl. Classy clothing, with long knee high boots and jeans really do it for me. Olivia seems to pull it off extremely well.

What is your biggest fashion faux pas to date?

Unfortunately, there was a phase in my life where I used to wear T-shirts that were ridiculously, shockingly tight. So tight in fact to the point I couldn’t move in them, they had little to no sleeves, it was just too much and not the right look.

If you had to pick a fashion icon, living or dead, who would it be and why?

People ask me this question a lot and I’m never 100 per cent certain on who to pick. I think if men can pull of a suit, they can look good in anything, take Daniel Craig and David Beckham for example. I’m a firm believer, if you’re smart and well groomed, the clothes will follow.

If you could pick one item of clothing to take to a desert (love) island, what would it be and why?

It would have to be a pair of boxers or my undies. I need that support to hold it all up! I feel very uncomfortable when I don’t have anything on and it’s all free flowing, do you know what  I mean!

Following on from this, which item of clothing did you wear most in the love island house?

The white jeans. These have actually sold out in Topman now. It was the first time they were left in stores and collection during the Autumn/Winter season as they usually take them out by this stage of the year! Absolutely the white jeans went off and are great with a tan, which is harder to maintain now in the UK. (We feel you Chris)

Obviously grooming is as equally as important as the right wardrobe choices, do you have a grooming routine that you stick to or do you steal Olivia’s products?

Absolutely. Every four days I give my beard a little trim on level four, run it over and keep it tidy. I have my haircut once a week, it just makes me feel better and fresher. On top of the standard washing routine, sometimes apply bit of make up when necessary. I like using the matte stuff you put on before makeup. (That’s primer Chris!)

As the father and baby daddy of Cash Hughes, do you have any preference in how you style him?

It’s funny you should say that as I’ve got a new outfit waiting for him when I get home this weekend. A new hat and a matching bib for the boy. He sits on the sofa watching TV with us every night.

Your L’Eau de Chris  ‘Don’t bottle it up’ campaign to promote mental health awareness and anxiety is such an admirable collaboration with mental health charity CALM and will resonate with lots of our readers. What would you say to those suffering with anxiety issues and bottling up their emotions?

You’ve got to remain strong and know that you can and will get through it. Be brave enough to speak to your loved ones, friends and family and don’t bottle it up. It’s important to know there’s always someone at the end of the phone that want to help you overcome your current state which is why charities like CALM are so great as you never have to go it alone.

And finally, you’ve obviously found love so do you have any parting words of wisdom and pieces of advice to our University of Manchester student readers looking for short flings and the real thing?

**Que that infamous cheeky grin**

Well, if you’re looking for a short fling, you can go about it in just any way you want, if you bed someone you’ve done alright. But if you’re looking for long term, treat a girl how she should be treated, take her out, spoil her and don’t go all in too quickly flying off the handle and frightening them. Be chilled, and if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

Photo Credit: Amy Nguyen

It is clear from our time with Chris that his ‘Hashtag Looks, Hashtag Game, Hashtag personality, Hashtag everything’ statement made during the hit TV show this summer is most certainly true, and he wasn’t just bantering. We can’t wait to hear his platinum rap album with lyricist genius and partner in crime Kem and see what he has in store next.

You can shop the ‘Garms for Grafting’ edit and enjoy the stores personal shopping service at Topman, intu Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AA.


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