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6th November 2017

New curation platform to help students organise work

Wakelet hope that students will no longer have to have “dozens of tabs open at a time” which they argue can make research “quite messy and disorganised”

A Manchester-based start up company have launched a new platform to help students organise revision and research.

Wakelet, the content curation platform based in Spinningfields in Central Manchester, have created a platform which allows students to turn groups of links into a singular interactive collection which can either be kept private or public.

The platform allows students to create a profile where they can organise their content into collections called “wakes”, and content include podcasts of lectures, revision notes, YouTube videos, academic papers or newspaper articles.

Misbah Gedal, Head of Marketing of Wakelet, said: “We all remember what it was like trying to revise back in uni — dozens of open tabs, your exam is around the corner, and everyone else seems to know exactly what they are doing! By using Wakelet to organise their research, students will feel less overwhelmed and should have a much easier time revising!”

James Shuttleworth, a third year Geography student at the University of Manchester, told The Mancunion: “While I’ve been working on my dissertation and coursework essays, I use multiple different sources be that academic papers, newspaper articles, book extracts — basically, a lot of different content.

“I often need flick between different sources during writing or revision and so I end up having several different tabs open at once which can get quite confusing.  Wakelet is really useful as I could organise all my content in one place.”

James’ comments were echoed by Mark Brown, a third-year medicine student at the University of Manchester, who said: “I spend way too much time searching for resources and then when I loose them its so frustrating, especially when I can’t remember the name of a website.

“Wakelet is useful because when you save a link it also saves a picture and that makes it easier to recognise. Its nice to have one link that I can use to share my resources and also separating links based on which project I am working on at the time is super convenient.”

Misbah Gedal indicated that these comments were not rare and said: “The feedback that we’ve had from students so far is that Wakelet’s really helping them make sense of the units they are studying. There’s so much useful content on the internet, but there’s a lot of it! Our platform gives students the chance to save the best content into collections so that they know where to look later.”

“We’re really excited to help students realise the power of content curation”, said Misbah, adding that Wakelet “have plenty more features in the works!”

The curation platform is free to use and Wakelet insist the platform “will always be completely free to use.”

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