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28th November 2017

A new wardrobe for your skin

Kitty Mitchell Turner reveals her tips for fabulous, glowing skin all year round

Winter is a great time of year, but the cold, harsh weather undeniably wreaks havoc on skin. So alongside buying a new winter wardrobe to keep you snug this year, why not consider giving your skin a new wardrobe too…

Tinted moisturiser: If your skin is quite sensitive, sometimes wearing foundation can accentuate dry patches and areas of sensitivity. Instead, opt for a tinted moisturiser you can wear this on its own or even mix it with your usual moisturiser. BB and CC creams also play a similar role, so it is a case of finding what is best for your skin type. Another benefit of tinted moisturisers is that they usually contain an  SPF of at least 15 or above.

Sun cream: It is so important that you make sure you wear a moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15 every day. I personally always wear factor 50, as I am particularly fair. Whilst it is easy to forget the importance of an SPF moisturiser when it isn’t burning hot outside, winter sun is still very strong and can exacerbate any sensitivity you may already be experiencing.

Exfoliator: While exfoliating is important all year round, it is most definitely something to be wary of during winter months. Cold weather and harsh winds can leave your skin red, raw and dry and the last thing you want to do is combat this with a harsh scrub.

Invest in a gentle chemical exfoliator which is far gentler on the skin, and always make sure to apply a hearty layer of moisturiser afterwards, to avoid aggravating your skin further. Exfoliating your body is also crucial at this time of year, although far less skin is on show, unexposed skin can get flaky and scaly, so using a nice sugar scrub (like Soap and Glory’s Flake Away) will ensure you are silky smooth all over.

Fake tan: Tan always makes everything look better, and hiding in the library writing essays isn’t the best way to get a healthy glow… so get it out of a bottle instead! I love St Moritz fake tan as it works well on all skin tones and is so budget friendly, plus it’s sold in Fallowfield Sainsbury’s when crisis strikes.

Lip Balm: So important! Nothing ruins a nice matte lipstick like chapped and cracked lips. Investing in a good, hydrating lip balm can really make a difference. The general rule of thumb is if the balm is in a tub or tin rather than a stick, it will be thicker and therefore more moisturising. Spending a little more on lip balm will really make a difference and it will last you all through the year. My favourite is Lush’s ‘Honey Trap’.

Most importantly, make sure to hydrate from the inside out with lots of water, and remember to use your moisturiser, especially a nice thick night cream to rehydrate and plump your skin while you snooze.


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