28th November 2017

Coppafeel! calls for you to feel your breasts

Tertia Rollason explains the importance of staying in touch with your body and how Coppafeel! can help you keep healthy boobs

Coppafeel! takes the crown for being the very first breast cancer charity in the UK to target young people. We’re all about spreading boob love around campus to help instil the wisdom required to “know you’re normal”. We are notorious for our light-hearted and fun-filled way of broadcasting such a poignant message.

As this year’s uniboob team leader, my aim is to empower and educate people around campus. From speaking to a variety people at fresher’s fair, it occurred to me that people are innocently ignorant to the importance of checking their boobs and more importantly, are unaware of what exactly they should be looking for. Have no fear — we are here to enlighten you.

From dressing up in vibrant boob costumes, nourishing people around campus with delicious cakes to hosting a variety of events and many more, we are armed and ready to show breast cancer the door.

What does Coppafeel! mean to us, you may ask? I spoke to a couple of lovely members of my boob team who sum it up pretty well:

Eli: “I joined the Uniboob Team for Coppafeel! this year because Kris’s concept is so inspiring, in that her main focus is positivity. Kris takes the sadness of cancer, and turns it around to empower young people, all the while keeping the promotion super fun. After having gone through breast cancer with my Mum a couple of years ago, I know how much difference early detection, followed by a heap of positivity and happiness can make, as now my mum has been cancer free for two years.”

Lara: “To me it’s about supporting a cause close to my heart, in a practical and fun way. I love the ethos and attitude of the charity and think it’s a really important health issue. Not to mention being part of the boob team gives me the opportunity to prance around in a boob costume!”

Are you passionate about helping others whilst simultaneously having fun? Do you enjoy, quite literally, making a tit of yourself? If your answer is yes, Coppafeel! Society is the one for you. If you are interested in joining my team or have any boob-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or you can find me on the Coppafeel! website at coppafeel.org.

Oh, and whilst we’re at it, don’t forget to text UBTMCR to 70500 to receive your free monthly reminder!

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