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28th November 2017

Review: Fazenda — A meat lover’s paradise!

Take a trip to Fazenda for some true Brazilian fine dining

The true embodiment of its provision, ‘a feast of the senses’, a theatrical presentation of fine cuisine.

Fazenda is a truly indulgent space. In keeping with the impressive architecture of Spinningfields, it seeks to provide high culinary sophistication, alluring the stream of businessmen and corporate bodies surrounding it. However, its interactive and carnival-like  approach to dining is truly a novelty experience brought from its vibrant Brazilian origins.

Fazenda is sure to excite the senses of any students acutely accustomed to the monotony of meal deals to explore the fantasy of food beyond the variance Sainsbury’s has to offer, into a world of animated food provision and endless variation.

Upon entering Fazenda we were warmly greeted and shown to our table. They explained the menu and kept up the impeccable table service all throughout the duration of our meal. The reception is highly formal whilst also maintaining a level of intimacy in introducing the Brazilian Rodízio style of eating to the enquiring food fanatic.

The cost of the meat inclusion is £31.20 for an all-you-can-eat experience, and there is also a vegetarian, vegan and fish option for £23.60. This menu offers a selection of dishes ranging from blue cheese and pumpkin risotto as well as fish mains of tuna steak with a beautifully creamy Béarnaise sauce. In this regard, Fazenda does its best to cater outside of its meaty Brazilian food concept by incorporating eurocentric food and promoting a high sense of Latino hospitality in doing so.

The buffet table is the chief spectacle of the restaurant, the raised bar offers a wide range of platters ranging from staple olive, breads, cheese, cured meats, and even shellfish as well as the more tailored intricacies of duck tabouleh as well as panado cheese and truffle baby corn, a personal favourite!

Vegetarian diners relying solely on this may be disappointed by the lack of hot dishes and their small size, however, they will surely appreciate the aesthetics of the presentation. A bed of crushed ice holds the delicate and colourful kaleidoscope of platters which competes for attention against the impressive flames from the roaring churrasco just behind.

Our top tip: don’t get over excited with this mouth-watering sidebar. Save enough stomach space for the forever circulating spits of succulent meats!

The green card and red card system for the meat eaters indicates to the constant flow of waiters whether you would like to be given another helping. The meat selection is sure to impress! Ranging from absolutely beautiful honey roasted pork belly and the most tender of lamb to beef fillet seasoned to perfection.

All of which are cooked perfectly and cut thinly so as to accommodate an appetite for its range. They even offer chicken hearts, a Brazilian delicacy to the more adventurous diners which are strong in flavour and very ‘meaty’ tasting — we recommend to enjoy them at the start of your meal!

Disappointingly their meat is not local and sourced from New Zealand, Poland, and Denmark which seems disheartening considering the quantity of meat it offers. Yet perhaps this is part and parcel in the acknowledgement of the type of lavish and exotic dining experience this one entails.

With the vegetarian option — and perhaps wholly compensatory for any qualms on the salad selection — you are given a dessert which was presented beautifully. The marquis de chocolate topped with dulce de leche undoubtedly earns its position as their signature dessert which is sure to send any customer home with a sweet sense of nostalgia, begging a return to the carnival feasting experienced in the world curated by Fazenda. It’s a world perfect for birthdays, parental visits, and even graduation dinners!

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