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30th November 2017

The Mancunion meets Mark Hill

Fashion and Beauty Editor Talia Lee-Skudder sits down with celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill to talk about his hair top tips and the inspirations behind his bestselling brand

After stepping into the business at just 15 years old, Mark Hill is now twice-British Hairdresser of the Year and the only UK hairdresser to have ever won International Hairdresser of the Year for two consecutive years.

Despite being one of the biggest names in the industry and hair stylist to the stars, Mark has never been drawn in by the allure of the big smoke, but rather stayed true to his roots and his business is still based in Yorkshire to this day. His story proves that, with dedication and passion, you can achieve your dreams wherever you are.

Using his stellar celebrity stylist reputation as a springboard, Mark went on to create his own line of hair cosmetics, which you have probably seen on the shelves at Boots. His range includes heated Velcro rollers and curling tongs – for which you can purchase a range of different barrels to change up your style – amazing hair treatments and the must-have Wonderball brush.

The brand prides itself on providing every product you need to replicate Mark’s achievable and wearable everyday look, whilst still being sexy and glamorous. Mark believes that all women should be able to create fabulous, full hair, even at home.

Mark talks business and reveals his top tips for maintaining healthy hair and for achieving that salon styled look every day.

Photo: Mark Hill

You’ve been a major figure in the industry for years now, how did you initially get into hairdressing?

I’d never thought about a career in hairdressing but when I was 15 I went out with an older girl who worked in a local salon. They were looking for help on a Saturday so I went in and never looked back!

What inspires you?

So many things! Everything from fashion, celeb culture, art, architecture and nature! Inspiration hits when you least expect it so I always carry around a notebook for sketches or scribbles.  I also take hundreds of photos with my phone so I always have something to look back on.

What are your top hair tips?

Keep your hair in great condition and get a great cut!  If your hair is in bad condition, no matter what you do it will look dry, dull and lifeless. Always condition every time you shampoo and treat your hair to an intensive treatment on a regular basis.

When it comes to cutting, everyone remembers a great style just as much as a bad one. Make sure you take pictures to show your hairdresser and show them what you like and what you don’t like. By talking about how you manage your hair at home, looking at hair texture and thickness, your stylist should advise you on the best style for you. Once you’ve got a great cut, styling is easy!

You have so many amazing products but which are your favourite and why?

There are a couple you’ll always find in my kit bag. The first is Styling Heat Protection Spray. Not only does it protect from heated appliances up to 235°C, it also adds a great hold to make your style last longer. The second is 10-1 Wonderspray – it does so much! Pump action, you can add volume as you blow dry, add texture to shorter hair, over rollers when time is short, use as a spray to finish your style, the possibilities are endless! With just these 2 products, I can do more or less any style on any length of hair.

For the girl in a hurry, what are your quick fix hair tips to take you from drab to fab?

Every girl needs rollers! Heated or Velcro, just pop them into your crown area and spray with 10-1 Wonderspray for instant Va va Voom! Also, why not try flipping your parting from one side to another – just a simple change can dramatically change your style.

Who is your ultimate hair and beauty icon?

I don’t think I could pick just one. I love to see women who aren’t afraid to take a few risks or change their look. I think that every generation has their role models, from Bridget Bardot and Madonna to Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner.

What are your hair essentials?

Because I travel all round the world styling, I have to make sure my kit bag everything I could ever possibly need! If I had to cut this down to pure essentials, then it would be comb and scissors, a couple of radial brushes, hairdryer, straightener, tong/wand, and a few products.  If I had to tell someone what they should never forget at home I would probably say sectioning clips – if you style using clean neat sections, your style will last much longer.

You’ve had so much success but what would you say is the proudest moment of your career?

Probably winning the title of British Hairdresser of the Year for the first time. All of my family, friends and colleagues were with me so to share it with them was very special.

Do you have any tips for budding entrepreneurs? What does it take to become the next Mark Hill?

Believe in what you do and never stop learning and improving. I am still passionate about what I do and I’m never too proud to ask about new techniques. I think if you stop learning you stagnate and the passion disappears.

Finally, what’s next for your brand?

The brand is still growing and I am so proud of everything we have achieved.  We have some very exciting plans for even more growth next year which will involve a lot more travel for me and my team.  We’ve also been talking about some amazing collaborations which I’m really looking forward to.  Watch out on the Mark Hill web site for more info!

Mark Hill products are now available to purchase online at and A Mark Hill delivery straight to your door! What more could you want?

If you’re in desperate need of hairspiration, then the team at Mark Hill have got you covered. Head over to the website where you can find hair tutorials to suit all of your hair desires.

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