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Playlists: Money vs. Love

Since the fall of feudalism centuries ago, the value of money has been a hot topic for generations: not its monetary value but its real value, an ‘in the grand scheme of things’ perspective.

In modern times this has become a topic increasingly discussed in the mainstream media: books have been written, films have been made, all with viewpoints to share and a lesson to teach.

Perhaps the genre which has discussed money most of all however is music. Its only rival in the sheer quantity of songs written about it is the emotional, the evocative, the most base feelings of all: love. But which conversation works best in the musical sphere? Here are two playlists which make the cases for both — it’s up to you which one comes out the winner!


  1. ABBA — Money Money Money
  2. Pink Floyd — Money
  3. Dire Straits — Money for Nothing
  4. Rihanna — Bitch Better Have My Money
  5. Ludacris — Money Maker
  6. Rick James — Money Talks
  7. The Beatles — You Never Give Me Your Money
  8. Dennis Brown — Money in My Pocket
  9. Jamie T — If You Got the Money
  10. Barrett Strong — Money (That’s What I Want)



  1. The Beatles — Love is All You Need
  2. Meat Loaf — I’d Do Anything for Love
  3. Bob Marley — Could This Be Love
  4. The Cure — Friday I’m in Love
  5. The B-52s — Love Shack
  6. Sunshine of Your Love — Eric Clapton
  7. Stevie Wonder — I Just Called to Say I Love You
  8. The Darkness — I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  9. Huey Lewis and the News — The Power of Love
  10. The Doors — Love Her Madly

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