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20th April 2018

Exclusive student night at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

The most fun you’ll have since freshers (minus the hangover)
Exclusive student night at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience
Photo: The Crystal Maze

As fun as it can be to spend another night in that grungy bar filling your boots with Jägerbombs, why not go alcohol free for a night (until the celebrating begins in the Maze bar afterwards) and book a trip for your group of mates to The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience for just £25?

On the 30th of May, the popular Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in Manchester is hosting a ‘student only’ night, exclusive to University students from all over the country.

With the attraction offering a whopping discount of nearly 50 percent off ticket prices, those able to present their valid photo student ID card should book a place in one of the remaining slots between 4:30pm and 9pm.

If you and your mates love a bit of Richard Ayoade and enjoy a challenge, this is the perfect night out for you.

Though, if your ideal night isn’t complete without having a cocktail, celebrate your success at the attraction’s exclusive Maze bar after the show*.

Teams of eight will be led around the maze’s four themed zones: Aztec, Medieval, Industrial, and Futuristic, by a charismatic Maze Master (tip: Befriending them early on is a wise move if you want them to impart their insider knowledge with you).

Inside each zone are different challenges: skill, physical, mental, and mystery. It’s up to your team captain to decide who takes on which challenge with the ultimate goal of winning a crystal. Each crystal won means more time with your mates in the iconic ticket dome, where the aim is to catch enough golden tickets to bag yourself a spot on the coveted leader board!

The whole experience is deliciously daft, and hilariously funny. Expect to be crawling, running and even sliding your way around the maze and to finish.

All visits must be booked in advance by visiting The Crystal Maze’s website.

*Drinking before the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will prohibit from participation with no refunds available.


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