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1st December 2018

King of the North Qualifiers conclude in style

A round of hotly contested qualifiers concluded with some surprising results in the King of the North qualifiers
King of the North Qualifiers conclude in style
Photo: UoM eSPorts

The King of the North university eSports tournament qualifiers kicked off with League of Legends on Saturday 27th October as ten teams battled it out for one of the two slots available for the King of the North VI Showdown LAN Finals at MediaCityUK. The bracket started off quickly as both University of Manchester teams quickly went through into the semi-finals match where they faced each other. Team 1 prevailed, but unfortunately, were triumphed by Nottingham University Team, who cleanly claimed their place at LAN.

The Sunday saw Overwatch kick off, with teams battling it out for two slots from this qualifier. Eight teams fought but University of York and Swansea University clinically cut down their opponents to both make it to MediaCityUK.

A week passed and on November 3rd League of Legends resumed. This time, fourteen teams came hungrily looking for a chance to win the £500 prize pool the LAN finals boasts. A huge upset saw one of the top University teams lose out as University of Salford stole a win against University of Warwick and then another against Newcastle University. Eventually the steam ran out as they lost to Swansea University who take the 2nd spot in the finals.

Another ten teams then went all out for the two remaining slots for Overwatch. On this occasion, we saw one of the top teams enter the field of play with a point to prove,  and University of Staffordshire swiftly breezed past their opponents, securing themselves a spot at MediaCityUK. Glasgow Caledonian University also secured themselves a spot at the event. They ultimately managed to edge out University of Staffordshire 3-1 to secure the top seed, gaining the upper hand in the battle to win £600 at MediaCityUK on the 1st-2nd December. Tickets are now available for £3.

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