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5th February 2019

Review: The Bar

Kate Fawcett reviews the recently re-branded ‘The Bar’, which has managed to retain the essence of The Font, with its famous cheap cocktails and freshly made food
Review: The Bar
The Bar might not have the best name, but Font fans will still enjoy their visit. Photo: Kate Fawcett

In mid-December last year The Font in Fallowfield closed its doors for good. However, it was quickly replaced by The Bar, which opened on the 17th of January.

The Bar has managed to retain the essence of The Font, with its famous cheap cocktails and freshly made food. They also offer a weekly pub quiz and a host of board games for people to enjoy. Many of the staff from The Font are now working there, which means that there is a lovely sense of familiarity for Font fans. The old drawings on the walls have now been painted over. In replacement, one of the walls has been covered head to toe in nature paintings. Above it hangs an impressive chandelier; this elegant interior makes it a lovely, relaxing space to spend your time.

Photo: Kate Fawcett
Photo: Kate Fawcett

But The Bar is not just a pretty face. Whether you’re meeting your friends for a drink or trying to finish an essay the day that it’s due, The Bar is there to provide you with what you need. Cocktails for a celebration, or coffee to fuel your essay panic.

The menu is much more limited than what it used to be, in terms of food and drink. But, there are still over 20 classic cocktails and food options for vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten free.

The new name and logo might not be the most sophisticated or eye catching, but we don’t really mind. One thing is for sure: The Bar has filled the Font-shaped hole in our hearts. It is providing us with the much needed social space and a place to study right in the heart of Fallowfield.


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