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GUSTO: Manchester’s authentic Italian

Gusto. Literally translating to “taste”, it’s probably the first Italian restaurant I’ve been to in Manchester where the food feels, well, authentically Italian. Okay, I haven’t gone to many because as we all know, student finances are scarce. But I was lucky enough to go dine at Gusto in Didsbury for a friend’s birthday.

It was a very trendy, tasteful, and cozy place. Every member of staff was friendly and professional  – one of them even spoke Italian to me, making me feel so much closer to home. Prices were hit a medium range, obviously depending on what you were getting – at the top end, a tuna steak was almost £19. But I chose a delicious pizza for only £12.95.

What I received in exchange was a mouth watering, crusty, fuming, large descent to paradise, better known as “Truffled Funghi” pizza. Mushrooms were laid down on the dough, drowned in a superb truffle oil and accompanied by fresh, perfectly-matured prosciutto crudo and rocket. I savoured each and every single slice. I would have asked for a second-serving if only it had been possible!

The meal was also accompanied by some of the most famous and renowned Italian wines, and we had a few. We tasted the dry, firm scent of the red, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, as well as the fresh, bittersweet rosè Pinot Grigio, Pietra Antica coming from Veneto.

As for my friends, they tried the other mains such as Pasta all’Arrabbiata. The famous pasta dish was slightly revisited with the addition of chicken, but it was still perfectly al dente. Others ordered the Fico pizza: a masterpiece with a creamy, fresh burrata at its centre that also hosted the most genuine of Italian products. The crab, king prawn and mussels spaghetti tasted as if the seafood had just come out of the sea.

Gusto is definitely worth a visit and I recommend to  start off with the Nocellara Olives to prepare your palate. They are authentic, juicy and soft and you won’t find them anywhere else in Manchester.


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