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28 questions from Game of Thrones’ ‘The Bells’

As Game of Thrones begins to draw to its final conclusion after eight seasons and 73 episodes, Amy Wei has a few questions…

  1. Where is Bran?
  2. What has Daenerys recently done to prompt Varys’ betrayal, after he’s been loyal to her and her sadist brother Viserys for eight seasons?
  3. Why does Tyrion argue Varys ‘needed to know’ about Jon, ten seconds after admitting he’s a traitor?
  4. Why doesn’t Tyrion believe Sansa might have had ulterior motives when telling him about Jon?
  5. What is Bran doing?
  6. Why did Varys straight up walk up to Jon and basically tell him, ‘I am a traitor’.
  7. Why did Jon look at Daenerys like she’d gone mad after executing Varys, when every ruler, including Jon Snow himself, executes traitors?
  8. What makes Jaime, after finally completing his redemption arc and moving on from Cersei with Brienne for a couple weeks, somersault 360° in the middle of the night to die in Cersei’s arms?
  9. Is it treason to release your Queen’s prisoner behind her back?
  10. How did Qyburn’s scorpions go from 99% accuracy to 0% accuracy in the span of one episode?
  11. When victorious, why does Daenerys decide to ignore an exposed Cersei and instead burn all of Kings’ Landing’s peasantry for no reason?
  12. Is Bran asleep?
  13. Why is Euron such a weirdo?
  14. Why is Daenerys still zig-zagging her F-16 over random civilians?
  15. Is Euron and Jaime stabbing each other meant to be this hilarious?
  16. How much time is Cersei getting to run away while Daenerys procrastinates?
  17. Don’t tell me this is how Jaime dies.
  18. Why does the Hound pat Arya, Night-Kingslayer and most over-powered fighter on the show, on the head and tell her to go home because the Red Keep is ToO dAnGeROuS fOr A giRL.
  19. Why does Arya say ‘thank you’ and run, after travelling hundreds of miles on a death mission to kill Cersei?
  20. Is Bran still a seer?
  21. Who would’ve guessed Cleganebowl would be the one thing the writers get right this episode?
  22. How did Miguel Sapochnik, Fabian Wagner, and the crew make this shit look so good?
  23. How is Jaime still alive after Euron stabbed him?
  24. Why does Cersei trust Jaime wholeheartedly, after he’d already betrayed her, and she’d paid someone to kill him?
  25. Where did Arya get fire immunity?
  26. How come Arya could sneak past concentric circles of white walkers without being noticed, but can’t run through a street without getting knocked over and nearly dying every two seconds?
  27. Re Question 19: I wish that was how Jaime died.
  28. Where is Bran?

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