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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

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Crazy Pedro’s Christmas Pizza: Is it a step too far?

Recently I received an email hyping up the release of Crazy Pedro’s new Christmas Pizza.

I haven’t tried this yet, but feel like this information needs to be disseminated to all you foodies out there who want to try the most bizarre pizza to ever grace Manchester: the ‘Pie Hard’.

Named after a ‘Christmas Film’ of much contention (Is it a Christmas film?), the ‘Pie Hard’ combines many of our favourite Christmas flavours. Together. On one pizza.

Now you’re probably thinking: stuffing? Turkey? Pigs in blankets? The usual? You’d be very wrong.

Pie Hard. Photo: Crazy Pedros.

Think mince pies. Think brandy cream and custard. This pizza could literally stop the beating heart of the pizza purists out there. I can imagine Italian Nonnas being sent to an early grave with this one…

The ‘Pie-Hard’ is “a festive pizza like no other made with custard, mozzarella cheese, mince pie, whiskey cream and cranberry sauce”.  According to Crazy Pedro’s: “One taste of Pie Hard and you’ll be skipping down the street shouting yippee-ki-yay at the top of your lungs”.

Merry Christmas.

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