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MANIFF 2020: Loop

The first feature from Brazilian director Bruno Bini, Loop is a typical take on time travel films. The story is told in a non-linear way, bearing heavy influences from mainstream cinema of the 1990s and early 2000s.

The plot follows Daniel, a young man in a happy relationship. One night he meets his girlfriend on a roof of their building, where they often spend romantic nights together. But this time things go horribly wrong, as the couple is attacked by an unknown man. Daniel’s girlfriend is left dead, and he suffers serious injuries. 

Daniel soon becomes obsessed with finding the murderer or even travelling in time to save the love of his life from death. After being told by the attacker that in order to do so he needs to “get there earlier”, the protagonist believes that the answer can only be found in the past.

Although the film’s director claims to have worked on the screenplay with three physicists, Loop explains all its time-travelling ideas by putting random physics equations on a blackboard. Unfortunately, the script contains significantly more loopholes and absurdities, sacrificing credibility for enjoyment.

Loop doubts the viewer’s intelligence, but regardless it can be an enjoyable watch. Its foreshadowing is often predictable and obvious, however for someone not familiarised with this kind of films it may well be entertaining. 

Overall, Bruno Bini’s film reminded me of average Netflix-produced productions aimed at teenage audiences and, as a result, seems better suited for streaming platforms than film festivals.


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Michal Wasilewski

Head Film Editor of The Mancunion.
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