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Closure – Heidy Lo

A rock sinks deeper and deeper into the ocean,

so does the heart;

a knife cutting through the flesh

that necessarily hurts –


all previous experience does not compare

to this.

Can one be heavy and light at the same time?

Floating away like a loaded book on a hot air balloon,

Hefty but weightless, silenced with screams.


On and on and on,

for a while, this is a wish for forever.

It’s time.


A miracle born,

A well-deserved ending

for me and

for you.


The rock sinks deeper as the heart flies higher,

it heals.

In her poem ‘Closure’, Heidy wanted to capture the moment she realised she was free from something she had been holding onto. The explicit images expressed lead to a straightforward piece. When asked about this straightforward nature, Heidy explained she wanted to make this closure – which so normally hard to express – as clear in words as possible.
Heidy is a second-year English Literature with Creative Writing student from Hong Kong. She has been writing for five years now, with work included in the Hong Kong Free Press and Hong Kong Review of Books. She is currently a contributor to the Lifestyle section of Mancunion. You can find more of her on Instagram @heidyslo.

Tags: closure, creative submissions, emotional writing, poetry

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