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16th November 2020

Puzzle Page: November 16th

The first 10 puzzles are out and here are the answers for them! Thank you to everyone who has been taking part
Puzzle Page: November 16th

This week, we will be taking a break from the puzzles to give out some sought after answers!

Puzzle #1

Puzzle 1

Location, location, location: the university building is Carys Bannister, the building is named after a neuroscientist but they currently house the optometry department.

Puzzle #2

Puzzle 2

Puzzle Grid: the 6 bees tell you to start at square B6. Then follow the code of directions to find the message ‘what is four plus three’ and the answer is 7!

Puzzle #3 & #4

Puzzle 3

The answers to the crossword are:

locks         Deansgate —– (5)

arndale       pop to the shops (7)

unesco        Manchester is a —— city of literature (6)

roses         the stone —– (5)

environmental study of nature (13)

north         Manchester is the best city in the —– (5)

crazy         I think Pedro is a bit off (5)

ezra          —- and gil, fab brunch spot (4)

square        a great shape and a place of exchanging and saint peter (6)

that          Gary Barlow has taken (4)

exchange      the lovely theatre with a circular stage (8)

portuguese    10 chins of chicken shop specialise in — African food (10)

home          local arts and cinema venue (4)

engineering   north campus specialises in (11)

nurse         big course, Florence was one (5)

lewis money saving expert, born in Withington (5)             

oast          spinningfield bar, kin for drying hops (4)

walrus        you are the egg-man, good food in NQ (6)

rylands       John’s library (7)

yes           opposite of no, good night out (3)

And the artist is Laurence Stephen Lowry!

Puzzle #5 & #6

The words you are looking for in the word search are: treat, witch, nightmare, cackle, horror, pumpkin, magic, October, devil, fright, thirteen, trick, haunt

Puzzle #7

Music to my ears: Meat is Murder by The Smiths

Puzzle #8

Location, location, location: The building is the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, named after someone from Australia!

Puzzle #9

The rapper is Aitch.

Puzzle #10

The artist is Frida Khalo.

Tara Bharadia

Tara Bharadia

Section Editor for Puzzles and Horoscopes

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