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18th March 2021

Women in Media Conference X The Mancunion Music Takeover

We take a look at a panel celebrating women and non-binary people that are making waves in various parts of the media world
Women in Media Conference X The Mancunion Music Takeover
Women in Media Logo 2021

A group of students at the University of Manchester have joined forces for the sixth year in a row to put together this year’s Women in Media conference: a series of panelled discussions celebrating women and non-binary people that are making waves in various parts of the media world. This conference will take place between the 15th to the 28th of March over various zoom links. Organised by a committee of 21 dedicated students, the Women in Media conference provides a rare and valuable opportunity for people of all gender identities to hear various media success stories, get involved in panels discussing issues women as well as non-binary/ gender non-conforming people face in the media as well as receive valuable advice about how to break into the industry. 

This conference comes at a time where people who are not cis-gender males may feel daunted by a career in media, which is arguably unsurprising given the domination of cis-gender males in media-based roles. For example, two-thirds of newspaper by-lines in American newspapers credit men, and despite the media field employing a workforce where 49% identify as women, women typically only remain present in entry-level jobs, with only 27% of women occupying the role of senior vice president in media fields. The Women in Media conference is here to combat these statistics and inspire people to get involved in the media industry, and provide them with the advice to ‘make it’ against the odds. 

This conference will feature over 10 different panels including a music panel of influential people in various areas of the music industry including:

Photo/logo @ whereareallthegirlbands

The creators of wherearethegirlbands: 

A self-described ‘community organisation promoting and celebrating women in music & discussing how to make local music scenes more accessible for everyone.

Instagram = @wherearethegirlbands

Rebecca Mason @beckyy_m

Rebecca Mason:

A publicist at Sonic PR and founder/editor of the music blog ‘One Great Song’.

Instagram = @beckyy_m,

Hannah Tinker @fairplayfest

Hannah Tinker:

A marketing and programming co-ordinator and Wilderness Records and found and booker at FAIRPLAY festival.

Instagram =@hannahetinker, @fairplayfest

Ruth Wyatt @ruwyatt (Warner Music)

A creative sync and licensing manager at Warner Music and sustainability advocate.

 Instagram = @ruwyatt

Annette Lee @aanneetteellee (4AD)

Annette Lee:

The head of press at 4AD, overseeing artist/album campaigns of music artists such as Grimes and The Lemon Twigs.

Instagram @aanneetteellee

Georgia Hardy:

Owner of promotions company Spilt Milk and co-founder of Route, self-described as ‘a resource for a fairer music industry’, that provides a CV service, job postings for creative’s and much more.

Instagram = @geharr, @the_routeco

As well as this music panel’s fantastic line up, in collaboration with the Women in Media conference, The Mancunion’s music section is releasing a series of articles in celebration of women and non-binary/ gender non-conforming artists over the conference period. Expect a review of Abbie Ozard’s EP and a series of exclusive interviews with the likes of Pale Waves, PIXEY, Witch Fever and ĠENN and much more. 

Further to this, and arguably most excitingly, the music section will release an exclusive recorded gig from Dream English Kid, a Manchester-based three-piece band described by Under The Radar as one of the city’s ‘best kept secrets’. This will take place on the 27th this month at 7pm. 

If you would like to attend this year’s Women in Media conference and gain valuable insights into how to get into media, follow the link to tickets here.

Words by Frankie Golding

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