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in the beauty bag 6

In the Beauty bag #6

In the Beauty Bag’ is a series at the Mancunion Fashion & Beauty section, in which Manchester students reveal the contents of their beauty bag and share their top beauty secrets. Dive into the beauty routines of your peers to inspire your own!

Name: Andy
Age: 19
Degree: Psychology
Degree year: 2nd

Do you stick to a beauty routine?

Not really, the only thing I do almost daily is curl my lashes and put on mascara.

What are your favorite makeup products?

L’Oreal’s waterproof mascara was such a discovery. It’s called Xfiber false lash Xtreme resist and it really makes your lashes look super long. Also, I really like Urban Decay Vice lipstick, it’s not matte but it stays for quite a while and it doesn’t make your lips dry.

Anything you’re guilty of doing (or not doing)?

My skin is naturally tanned and I don’t really get sunburnt so I rarely remember to put on sunscreen. I know that’s really bad for your skin so I’m trying to get better at it but I genuinely hate the texture of sunscreen.

Is there anything in particular you like to splurge on?

I love eyeshadow palettes but the good ones are very expensive so I often wait until my birthday or Christmas to get a new one. That’s the only product where I spend a bit more than usual.

What are your favourite hair products?

I have always been loyal to Pantene so I really recommend any of their shampoos and conditioners. Also, for hair masks, I think Garnier has the best ones.

Any beauty secret?

Once I used shampoo on my bleached hair and it absolutely ruined it. It got super dry and was breaking just from brushing it. Then I learned that coconut oil is the best thing for your hair. You just have to warm it up a bit so it melts and then you apply it to your hair (avoid the scalp). If it’s just like a hair mask you can cover your head with a bag and leave it for 40min (can do this twice a week). For extreme cases like mine, you can leave it for a whole night. Then you wash your hair and put on your normal shampoo and conditioner. After you’ll see your hair will be super soft.

Is there a specific product that you are endlessly looking for and still haven’t found the perfect one?

I have been looking for a good and affordable nail hardener but I’ve never found one that’s effective. My nails are quite weak and none of the ones I’ve tried so far have prevented them from breaking.

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