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14th February 2022

FUZE UK x POM Valentine’s Tour: Meet, Match and Make Connections

Make a real connection this month and head down to a unique Valentine’s event in the city where you can meet your match and dance till dawn
FUZE UK x POM Valentine’s Tour: Meet, Match and Make Connections
Credit: @amiaocean Press

This Friday FUZE UK are bringing their Valentine’s tour to Manchester for the first time! Based in the Northern Quarter’s creative space Off the Square, the Valentines event will run on the 18th February from 22:30 – 4:00 accompanied by live acts, amazing DJs, glam stalls, and obviously drinks.

Credit: @Amiaocean

In partnership with dating app POM, the event is offering a new alternative way to meet potential suitors or friends. Forget about randomised speed dating, POM is finding your match through your music listening history!

FUZE UK hope to give people the “opportunity to find love and network with like-minded people,” through genuine and meaningful connections via music.

Female DJ collective Girls Don’t Sync! will be headlining this year! If they alone weren’t enough, the lineup also includes native Mancunian Victoria Jane, Black Betty, Francesca and Abnormal Sleepz.

More importantly, FUZE emphasises that Valentine’s Day is for everyone, thus providing an inclusive LGBTQ+ friendly environment. These efforts are shown through the charities that are being supported through the event. Over the last 20 years, FUZE has raised £125,000 for several charities, with all profits going to them. This year, Off The Record (mental health service, AKT (LGBTQ+ youth homelessness) and Black South West Network (BME institution) are being supported.

You can donate by purchasing tickets (£8) and getting your glam on by hitting up any of the stalls. Nail technicians, hair braiding and tooth gem artists are available through the night. Not only are you helping raise money for charity, but you’ll be sure to give the best first impression to your new valentines beau.

If your looking for an unforgettable night, celebrate Valentines this year with the power of music.

Keep up with FUZE UK for more info!

Credit: @Amiaocean

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