6th March 2022

What’s in my tote

WIM is coming up fast, so here are a few tote essentials you’ll need to make the most of WIM’s jam-packed weekend.
What’s in my tote

Words by Grace Kay

With the Women in Media Conference 2022 coming up soon, knowing what to take in your
bag for the event is essential. So, here’s a rundown of all the necessities you’ll need to
get you through the weekend.

Photo: Women in Media
Photo: Women in Media

Phone, Keys, Purse
You would think this would be obvious, but here’s a friendly reminder not to forget! Plus you’ll wanna get pictures with all your favourite media femmes.

A reusable water bottle
I always carry a reusable water bottle wherever I go, so why would the WIM conference be
any different? Be environmentally friendly and use the water fountains in the SU instead of
wasting your money on a plastic bottle of water. Stay hydrated kids.

As we all know, Manchester’s weather is unpredictable. To ensure you don’t turn up to the
conference looking like a drowned rat, take a coat or umbrella just in case. You can thank me later.

Something to take notes with
Whether it’s on your phone or with a good old-fashioned pen and notepad, it’s always
worth taking something to jot down any useful information. Great advice is always
guaranteed from professionals working within the media industry, make sure you don’t miss

A book of your choice
When you’re not networking or socialising, I always find having a good book to read is a
great way to spend your lunch hour or the journey on the bus. If you’ve not got a book on
the go, here’s a couple of recommendations that tie in with the WIM conference theme:

  • Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the tweets to the Streets (Feminista Jones)
  • The Gender Games: The Problem With Men and Women, From Someone Who Has
    Been Both (Juno Dawson)
  • 90s B*tch: Media, Culture, and the Failed Promise of Gender Equality (Allison

Portable charger
Make sure you’ve got enough power for the day and stay charged; keeping all your socials
updated with all the juicy content from the event. You’ll also want to be adding everyone’s socials in WIM’s networking event after!

Arguably one of the most important items in your bag, and definitely a necessity. Ensure you
aren’t hungry during the day and pack a couple of snacks. Whether it’s something healthy
like a banana or something downright delicious like your favourite bag of
crisps – keep your energy levels up and stomach rumbles down.

Carmex or Vaseline?
The dreaded debate: no matter which lip balm you use, it’s always handy to have access to
one if you’re in need. Better safe than sorry.

All that’s left to say is: don’t forget anything, enjoy the event and have a great weekend
filled with all things Women in Media!


Get your tickets for the Women in Media conference here, it will be held 26-27 March in the SU, with online events taking place in the week prior.

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