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15th March 2022

The Mancunion Presents: This Girl Can Run

This Girl Can Run is taking place on March 16th to celebrate Manchester’s Reclaim the Night.
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The Mancunion Presents: This Girl Can Run
Photo: Fitsum Admasu @ Unsplash

This year for Reclaim the Night, The Mancunion is holding an inclusive event. With the aim of drawing attention towards female harassment and catcalling, we present This Girl Can Run.

Taking place on the 16th of March and starting on 6 pm, the 5km run centres around reclaiming misogynistic comments. We will be bringing white-shirts, ‘decorating’ them by writing things that have been cat-called at us, and wearing them on the run. We will be in a big group and the aim is to feel empowered while we get sweat on!

“Nobody should feel unsafe or threatened while running” – This Girl Can Run

The event will include a t-shirt workshop to decorate your gear, different running groups based on experience/ability (I shall be in the walking one), and a social afterwards. The run will follow the Reclaim the Night route which is from the Student Union to Owens Park, and back.


Photo: Lucy Pummel @ The Mancunion

Key Info

When: Wednesday, March 16th 2022

Where: The Student Union, Oxford Road

Time: Set off is 7:30 pm

Distance: 5km

Route: From the Student Union to Owen’s Park


So, if you’re looking to liven up your Wednesday night, or are just after a new hobby to meet people, give The Mancunion‘s run a try! As much as we love a night out, we’re also big fans of safe exercise and empowering endorphins. All are welcome.

For more information, please contact Annie Dabb or Eleanor Taylor via Instagram or Facebook.

Looking to join Manchester University’s This Girl Can Run? Their Facebook group is available here.

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