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23rd October 2022

Nine ways to not let this Halloween flop

Why does Halloween always seem to flop? Is it the mighty expectations, or the rubbish club events? Whatever has been the case before, our nine tips for Halloween will ensure that this years won’t flop
Nine ways to not let this Halloween flop
Photo: Kenny Eliason @ Unsplash

Calling students of Manchester! With Halloween just around the corner, we have compiled a list of ways to not let this year’s spooky festivities disappoint. Manchester is a city full of opportunities, so there will be something out there for all of your individual desires, and if you use this list you will be sure to have one of your best nights yet.

1) Don’t cover yourself in fake blood

Although it may make sense when getting ready to douse yourself with red blood, you will last approximately ten minutes into pres before you start to regret that decision. By the end of the night, your whole outfit and all of your friends will be stained (and it does not wash out). Opt for prosthetics or red cosmetics (matte lipsticks will work best).

2) Mates over dates

Halloween is a night meant to be spent with the girls and the gays. Ditch that person you’re seeing and dance the night away to monster mash with your besties. As Cady says in Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night of the year when you can dress as whatever you want.” -You can always hit up your sneaky link when you’re home.

3) Don’t rely on amazon next day delivery

Trust us, your clothes won’t arrive on time if you buy them last minute. Plan in advance: visit charity shops, look in their fancy dress sections, and be creative with it! We love an outfit that can be reworn. Whether it is main library appropriate is up to you, but we’re sure an AU night will call for it at some point.

4) Avoid Deansgate locks at all costs

Photo: Myfawny Fleming Jones @ The Mancunion

If you are going clubbing on Halloween, Deansgate is not the vibe. The queue is always at least a half hour long and the music is on a forty-five-minute loop. Instead, we recommend that you make the effort and head to somewhere like Hidden, Warehouse Project, or White Hotel instead.

5) Decorate your house

Head to Home Bargains, Sainsbury’s, or Poundland if you’re on a budget, and buy as many fake cobwebs and stickers as you can. The extra decoration will get you feeling spookily in the mood for Halloween festivities.

If you’re looking for homely vibes, hit up Primark. You’ll be prepared for October 31st and November 1st with both Haloween and Christmas decor being in stock.

6) Pumpkin carving bonding

Buy a pumpkin, grab a large spoon and get stuck in with your flatmates. Not only is it great bonding, it’s also messy, fun, and simple. You can create a competition for the worst artistic attempt and of course, it can become a drinking game if desired.

Aldi and Lidl have the cheapest (and fairly big) pumpkins, with Sainsbury’s selling carving kits.

7) Avoid all Halloween films

We make one exception for Hocus Pocus, but suggest that a trippy psychological thriller will definitely quench your spooky thirst. Snuggle in with your flatmates and grab some spooky snacks as you while the night away attempting to figure out whodunnit.

We suggest Where The Crawdad Sings, Shutter Island, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Fargo. If you’re looking for something more intense post-Covid, watch Contagion.

8) Group outfits

Photo: Myfawny Fleming Jones @ The Mancunion

It may take more organisation, but the photos will be so much better and we all know a funny costume always tops any other. Scooby Doo, Disney Princesses, Avengers, Minions, and Toy Story, just to name a few, are great ideas for you and your friends to prepare for Halloween. Sinners and Saints alike, there will be something for everyone to feel their best in.

9) Home is where the heart is

The general consensus from everyone who has had a Halloween in Manchester is to host or gate-crash a house party. Ditch the club, bus pass, and journey juice and head over to a warm (or not so warm in the current energy crisis) flat with all of your friends.

These are our top nine tips, but, whatever you decide on doing, do it with your favourite people. Make sure you plan something to do even if that is staying in, snacking, and sleeping! But, most importantly, stay safe this spooky season, and do not listen to ‘Thriller’ more than once.

Words by Myfawny Fleming-Jones and Saskia Higginson

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