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Alice Rigby

Alice Rigby

I, too, am prejudiced

With the ‘I, too, am’ project sweeping universities around the world, Alice Rigby addressed the casual prejudices we witness every day

UMSU elections are in a crisis of apathy

Alice Rigby argues that Manchester needs a re-invigoration of the student electoral system to make us believe in our executive and union representatives

My Political Villain: Tony Blair

Alice Rigby explains why former Prime Minister Tony Blair is her political villain…

My Political Hero: Edward Kennedy

Alice Rigby explains why iconic senator Edward ‘Teddy’ Kennedy is her political hero…

The myth of the preferred A Level damages education

Alice Rigby explains how pressurising students into taking certain A Levels is coercive and excessive

To veil or not to veil?

In the wake of national controversy over the veil, Alice Rigby discusses the issues surrounding the headdress worn by Muslim women…

Why censorship is not OK

Alice Rigby discusses the issue of censorship and the image of a pornstar Manchester Debating Union were banned from using to promote a debate…

Why ‘trolls’ are endangering public debate

Alice Rigby looks at the threat of violence in public debate, and how it got there…

Should we trust league tables?

Alice Rigby discusses the subjective nature of university rankings and the contradictions they produce…

Letters of GCSE praise for poorer students are too little, too late

Are letters of praise at GCSE going to achieve anything other than patronising students?