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Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is The Mancunion’s Features Editor, having previously edited the Politics section of the paper. A PPE graduate, he is studying for an International Relations MA in a last ditch bid to cling on to his student days.For rants about football, obscure pop culture references and wine-induced streams of consciousness, you can follow him on Twitter @andyonpaper

When two tribes go to war…

Andrew Williams considers the absence of genuine rivalry between the universities of Manchester

£40 million to turn ex-Manchester student straight

Disgruntled billionaire father offers ‘bounty’ to the man who wins over his daughter

LIVE: The return of BBC Question Time

Andrew Williams is on hand to Dimbledance his way through the first Question Time of the new Parliamentary year.

Retro Corner: Crash Bandicoot

Andrew Williams reminisces about a brilliant game from a simpler time – the 1996 masterpiece Crash Bandicoot

‘Iraq is literally a crime against peace’

Andrew Williams talks to former International Development Secretary Clare Short ahead of her visit to the University on Wednesday

Six of the best: a potted history of Manchester academia

Andrew Williams profiles six of the University of Manchester’s most influential and prestigious scholars, past and present.

Iain Dale: ‘I can see there being a gay Prime Minister and people just not caring’

Andrew Williams meets influential Conservative blogger and commentator Iain Dale to discuss his political career, the Coalition government and why Ed Miliband fails the ‘Number 10 doorstep test’

Galloway’s victory holds lessons for Labour

The Labour Party needs to take a long, hard look at its core values following the controversial MP’s surprise by-election victory in Bradford West

‘Shame!’ The heckle is back and it’s here to stay

Try as our politicians might, heckling and confrontation is an inescapable reality, writes Andrew Williams

“We need to be painting big bright colours rather than writing in shades of grey”

Andrew Williams discusses Ed Miliband’s struggle to find a direction with former General Secretary of the Labour Party, Peter Watt

Five political predictions for 2012

Dust off your crystal ball, don your Mystic Meg wig, and prepare to swallow some wild speculation – here’s 2012 before it happens

Here’s to you, 2011

Riots in Britain and revolution abroad – it’s been a turbulent year in politics. Andrew Williams looks back, and asks what might be in store for the year ahead

Ailing EU economies turn to Bilderberg buddies

The new leaders of Greece and Italy have more in common than their job titles – both are members of the secretive Bilderberg Group. Andrew Williams takes a look at the mysterious organisation

Berlusconi: the end of an error

Andrew Williams looks back at a defining era for Italian politics as the curtain falls on Silvio Berlusconi’s premiership

Party conference season – a political charade

Andrew Williams heads our review of this year’s party conference season – and he is crying out for an end to this “outdated and obsolete charade”

My Political Hero: Christopher Hitchens

Andrew Williams pays tribute to “the greatest polemicist of this or any generation”

Labour of love

Andrew Williams explains why his love affair with the Labour Party is over – for now

Inaccuracy, hyperbole, distortion and downright GOP lies

The battle for the Republican presidential nomination is shaping up to be the most error-strewn campaign in political history

Uncovered: a Guide to Manchester city centre

There’s more to student life than Fallowfield – one of the world’s great city centres is right on your doorstep

‘The world is a better place without Saddam – we turned a blind eye to his atrocities for too long’

Alastair Campbell opens up about phone hacking, the coalition government and, inevitably, Iraq