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Francis Edge

Francis Edge

A culture of objectification, not rape

We must be more accurate with our definitions of the threats that women face if we are to tackle misogynistic behaviour in public and in private

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I felt it important to pen a response as I felt it necessary to add that I am no more “peddling a misogynistic agenda” as Catherine Snow is peddling anti male agenda. Both claims are equally as absurd. Catherine writes that the study released in 2014 by the United States Department of Justice which reveals, […]

Reclaim the Night: We do not live in a rape culture

Francis Edge argues that one of the main claims of Reclaim the Night movement, that we live in a rape culture, does not stack up

Women’s marches: a cathartic movement with the wrong targets

There is a hypocritical aspect in the recent women’s marches; why are we so angry at Trump and not Obama?

Brexit will be better for Britain

Britain will be just fine outside of the European Union, argues Francis Edge.

White working class children are less likely to attend university than ethnic minorities

A study has shown that white British children are less likely to attend university than other ethnic groups

Manchester Remembers

A Peace Vigil was held on Sunday in memory of those who died as a result of terrorist attacks in Paris and across the world

University society forms independent association in order to host event

The University of Manchester Free Speech and Secular Society forms the Manchester Free Speech Association after the Students’ Union refused to hold a proposed debate