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Helena Maxwell-Jackson

Helena Maxwell-Jackson

Interview: Dhruv Mittal of The Chaiwalla Supperclub

Helena Maxwell-Jackson interviews young creator, Dhruv Mittal of The Chaiwalla Supperclub in London’s East End

Veganism: Just an udder first world problem?

With the increasing popularity of vegan diets, and more and more students abstaining from dairy products, Helena Maxwell-Jackson chats to a local dairy farmer to find out if we should be concerned about dairy, or if the whole conversation is just udderly ridiculous?

Healthy fruity cake

Helena Maxwell-Jackson offers a vegan, sugar free and oil free substitute for indulgence, healthy fruit cake

Chapter One

Helena Maxwell-Jackson weaves a warm tale of intrigue about the enigmatic Chapter One café, which held back the cold and offered sumptuous treats

So what is ‘Love Juice’?

Helena Maxwell-Jackson heads to Chorlton to find out

Interview: Songhoy Blues

Exiled from a country where music was outlawed, Helena Maxwell-Jackson chats to Songhoy Blues, a unique new band soon to feature in a documentary about Mali

When does fried chicken become fowl play?

Helena Maxwell-Jackson weighs the pros and cons of fried chicken, where it comes from, and if it is affordable to be ethical

Quinoa Frittata, what a wonderful phrase

Helena Maxwell-Jackson creates a brunch that means no worries for the rest of your days