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Isaac Atwal

Isaac Atwal

Prison food: More than just gruel

Isaac Atwal paid a visit to a restaurant run by prisoners within the grounds of HMP Styal, and saw the roots of a new form of rehabilitation

Strict university security at MDU Israel debate

University imposes strict quotas on one of the most controversial and subscribed-to events to take place on campus—the MDU’s Israel debate

Historical hangovers threaten Northern Ireland’s peace

Northern Ireland’s power sharing agreement has been rocked by allegations of paramilitary activity following the murders of two ex-IRA men

Corbyn’s challenge starts now

Opinion Editor Isaac Atwal discusses how, following his impressive climb to become the leader of the Labour party, the real challenge for Jeremy Corbyn starts now

How much are our MPs really worth?

The latest ‘cash for influence’ scandal highlights more than just nefarious MPs exploiting their positions, it raises fundamental questions about how we pay our lawmakers

Smoke ’em Out?

Is a ban on smoking in public even possible? Bristol seems to think so

Innocent until labelled extremist

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill threatens free speech at UK universities

We need to talk about the elephant in the room

For many, the university lifestyle has the potential to significantly impact their mental health with 1 in 5 students considering themselves to have a mental health problem. We need to reduce the stigma attached to mental health so that people who need it feel more comfortable seeking help

UKIP won’t be kingmakers, but could embarrass the political elite

With the general election just around the corner, could UKIP be the party to change the way we see Westminster?