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Jeni Lambert

Jeni Lambert

Feature: Should you ever meet your heroes?

The golden rule reads that you should never meet your heroes — how does Jeni Lambert fare when she meets hers?

Live: The Cadillac Three

Straight outta Nashville, The Cadillac Three thrill with more power than even mighty Zeus could handle, writes Jeni Lambert

Live: KT Tunstall

After a kaleidoscopic performance, KT Tunstall is certainly no shrinking violet, concludes Jeni Lambert

Live: Nickelback

Despite falling victim to a plateau of hate and internet trolls, Nickelback are a far cry from whimpering their swan song, writes Jeni Lambert

Album: Beware of Darkness – Are You Real?

Beware of Darkness have returned with an album that has seen them re-emerge from the shadows, writes Jeni Lambert