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Jessie Cohen

Jessie Cohen


Jessie Cohen explores theatrical spectatorship in Queer Theatre – is it a step towards political activism or a force for perpetuating passivity?

On Your Bike!

Saudi Arabian Cinema Flexes Our Critical Gaze

Finally we flip the lens: The dethroning of Alfred Hitchcock

Jessie Cohen analyses the current obsession with getting to know the man behind the master of suspense

Theatre: Right Side Up

Jessie Cohen

Review: ‘I, Anna’

Jessie Cohen reviews TV director Barnaby Southcombe’s first feature film

We are not even citizens. We are a native ‘problem’

Jessie Cohen reviews ‘Mother to Mother’ at the Contact Theatre

Woody Allen: the most charming egoist in modern cinema

Jessie Cohen on egos, gender and what’s next for the movie-making wonder

Grease is the word… of the past

Jessie Cohen reviews touring musical Grease after its stop-off at the Palace Theatre last week.