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Joe Connell

Joe Connell

Record Reappraisal: David Bowie – Low

Dedicated to the memory of the gender-transcending and timeless rock star, we reappraise Bowie’s most confessional album, Low

The problems of authenticity in male-dominated rock music journalism

Joe Connell examines the narrow scope of gendered rock criticism that has for decades revolved around the phallic symbol of an electric guitar. Is a paradigm shift upon us?

Live: Liturgy

On this showing, Liturgy didn’t earn the “transcendental black metal” badge they’ve pinned themselves with, but the return of Greg Fox salvaged some of their wonder

Modern Day Warriors: What we owe Prog

After the recent launch of the official prog chart, Joe Connell examines the place that an often caricatured genre has in music today

Live: Beat Back – Music Against Austerity

Like a priest with severe halitosis, their preaching to the choir left Joe Connell feeling queasy about both the music and the cause

Club: Lost In Space opening party – Floating Points all night long

Floating Points hits the sweet spot with a rich wax arsenal at his disposal