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Go fund yourself

Amy Morris tells lazy travellers who use crowdfunding campaigns to finance their trips should rely on their own resources to fund an adventurous lifestyle of travelling and holidays.

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As it is revealed that 90% of the World’s largest firms lobby against action on climate change, Sophie Marriott argues that corporate power poses the biggest threat to the future of the environment and society.

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Olivia Stringer evaluates other students’ experiences with the Student Finance system and the negative implications of assuming parents will help to fund University studies.

Cachella Smith considers how replacing Mickey Mouse images with those of war heroes in Egyptian schools may cause children to idolise the wrong kinds of role models.

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Isidora Cortes-Monroy adds to the ever-growing discourse on the infamous Brexit with an international student’s perspective

Aidan Hunt argues that the Christian Church is no longer as relevant to politics and education as it once was and it’s privileged position in British society does not reflect the cultural diversity of the UK.

Sophie Marriott argues that the criticism of Weight Watchers for their name change is placing too much meaning on the language of wellness and in itself weighing down notion of health and perpetuating cultures of shame.

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