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Iris van Herpen spring 2020 couture: sensory seas

Iris van Herpen spring 2020 couture: sensory seas

Isabella Sharp reviews Iris van Herpen’s Spring 2020 Couture collection

Review: Everest

What Everest lacks in emotional heft, it makes up for with visual splendour

Review: Gravity

Gravity gets a thumbs up from The Mancunion with graphics and acting that are, quite simply, out of this world

Bwana Devil – Lessons From the Third Dimension

Bwana Devil was the first 3D feature film ever released. Unlike Gravity which is currently sitting on 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, the reviews of Bwana Devil weren’t too kind. One critic wrote “It is the worst movie in my rather faltering memory, and my hangover from it was so painful that I immediately went to see a two-dimensional movie for relief.”

Old school animation in the digital age

Dylan Wiggan looks at the changing landscape of animated movies

Retro Corner – Wolfenstein 3D

Thomas Lee looks at the ‘first’ first-person shooter

The future’s not 3D

3D is too often used lazily and without thought, writes Nihal Tharoor-Menon

Happy Feet Two Review

Five years on from the Academy Award winning original George Miller is back with the sequel, Happy Feet Two.