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YA roundup – home and away

Elizabeth Gibson updates us on the thriving Young Adult books scene

Review: The Girl Who Broke The Rules

Hope Abbott reviews the new crime novel by Manchester-born author Marnie Riches

Quincey, drugs, and excess

Benjamin Mortimer takes a look at the 19th Century essayist Thomas de Quincey’s view of drug culture, highlighting parallels with the present day

Review: Love Takes Guts

Ola Youssef reviews Fuel Café’s charity poetry event, Love Takes Guts, in aid of organ donation

24 per cent of students sacrifice learning materials to eat

Nearly a quarter of all students spend less than half of the recommended budget on food, and many sacrifice spending on university materials in order to eat

The future’s bright for Young Adult novels

Elizabeth Gibson gives an insight into Young Adult literature in her four YA novel reviews

Classics Digested: Paradise Lost

340 years after John Milton’s death, Leonie Dunn considers Milton’s epic portrayal of the Fall of Man

Top 5: Romantic reads

A list of the top five romantic reads just in time for Valentine’s Day

Chaos to Order: Manchester’s Central Library

Leonie Dunn looks to Library Live’s last event that aimed to smash down cultural presumptions and inhibitions surrounding Manchester’s Central Library

Profile: The Chronicles of C.S. Lewis

Books Editor Leonie Dunn looks over the life of the prolific author C.S. Lewis

I love the smell of paper in the morning

Nowadays we choose cheap thrills over classic knowledge; the book must not die

To e or not to e, that is the question

E-books are the future and nothing to be scared of

Where have all the book Amagone?

There’s a rumble in the jungle, but this time it’s our small book retailers getting knocked out

Sigmund Freud’s Life and Influence

“Probably no theory evolved by man is as absurd as Sigmund Freud’s theory of penis envy.” –Esther Vilar in ‘The Manipulated Man’.

You Can’t Handle the Truth! – Book to Film Adaptations

Andriana Hambi thinks that novels should stay on the page.

Review: Zadie Smith’s White Teeth

“Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.”

Franz Kafka – “The Castle” (review)

Alister Pearson reviews Franz Kafka’s novel regarding bureaucracy and frustration, The Castle.

The Death of David Kammerer

On August the 13th, 1944, David Kammerer was found stabbed to death at the bottom of the Hudson River. Alister Pearson explores the troubled relationship between he and his murderer, Lucien Carr.

The Life of Leo Tolstoy

On the 186th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy’s birth, Alister Pearson remembers the life of the famous writer, philosopher and political thinker.

‘Burning Bright’: Blake at the John Rylands

Annie Muir finds manuscripts worth pressing up against the glass for, at the William Blake exhibition